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Jus Julius


In a larger, abridged version of Webster’s Dictionary, one might find this young mans picture next to the word “soul.” Jus Julius is singer-songwriter from Kansas City, Kansas. With talent anchored by his superior vocal skills and true to life musical illustrations.


He started singing in junior high and began to take his craft serious at Wyandotte High School, where he participate in it’s vocal music department and won many awards. He was named the state’s top tenor three years in a row. After graduation high school Jus went off to college where he traveled around the world singing several different genres of music from gospel to opera with the world renown Rust College A’capella Choir.


After graduating College Jus moved back to Kansas City and began to record, building his catalog. One day he was in the studio with Ernest “Bishop” Dixon, who was impressed not only with Jus’s vocals but his songwriting abilities. Dixon ask Jus to be a part of the Faculty Soundz Production Staff as songwriter. Jus went on to co-write several records. However, he did not get any of them placed.


It was until early 2010, Jus did an impromptu performance of Donny Hathaway’s “For All We Know,” at Southside Chicago Studio. This performance got the attention of Grammy Award winning producer Maurice Joshua and Vundalab Production. A union was formed and a string of records where recorded. Jus first single “The One” gained the attention of Derrick Brown, the well respected Program Director of Chicago’s Iconic V103 radio station. Brown put the record in rotation the next day. During this time Jus received a call from Jazz “Big J” Anthony, member of Dru Hill to write some songs for “Indrupendence Day.” Jus took them up on the offer. He co-wrote and arranged the first single “Love MD” from there he went on to work with Rotimi Akinosho (Boss & Black Nativity) he penned several songs for the up and coming actor-singer.


After a slew of misfortunes in the Chi, Jus moved back to Kansas City in 2010 and is currently working on his debut album “Church After Hours” set to be released at the end of 2014.








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