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Wine & Graffiti

Pronounced “Jagged”. Obviously is not afraid to be different. This Florida born emcee, singer & songwriter got her start in hip hop music after moving to Virginia Beach, VA. In her early years, while other girls her age were playing with Barbi Dolls and “Easy Bake Oven’s”, she began sharpening her keen ear for music when she used to make up impromptu songs to her father’s guitar playing.

Download Wine & Graffiti Free | http://ghagged.bandcamp.com/

Wine and Graffiti is the sumtotal of lyrical art form at it’s finest. Overflowing with underlying messages from raw witty wordplay and life experiences it creates a perfect blend that exudes the essence of hip hop. With a mix of sample heavy boom bap production as her canvas, she paints a picture that feels warm and nostalgic while the transparency of her plights make it taste bitter sweet. No doubt when you uncork the contents you will appreciate it’s potency.

released 12 November 2013
All lyrics by Markesha Guinn
Mixed & Mastered by Curtis Keys
Artwork by Timbrel Graphics
Original Photography by Carolyn Grady for http://www.RhythmicImages.com


Check out the Hot Video… THE HIGH


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