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After Midnight The EP | Aye Soul + Evolution Beknown

Aye Soul and Evolution Beknown are a rapper/producer combination from Atlanta, Ga that creates hip-hop music with an upbeat relaxed jazz inspired aesthetic. With Aye Soul on the vocals and Evolution Beknown on the boards their first project After Midnight the Ep serves as a precursor to their upcoming debut album. Both Aye Soul and Evolution pride themselves in making music that feels soulful and organic while addressing some of societyโ€™s most intense issues through their collaborations.

Aye Soul Social Media: @iAmAyeSoul ( Instagram, twitter, tumblr)
Evolution Beknown Social Media @Khalik714 ( Instagram, twitter)

Aye Soul & Evolution Beknown - AFTER MIDNIGHT EP (2017)

Aye Soul



This entry was posted on July 4, 2017 by in Hip Hop.

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