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Keith Sweat, Total, Bobby V & Dana Dane | Affordable Old School Concert Series




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The 4th of July holiday weekend was a blast thanks to the fabulous promoters of The Affordable Old School Concert Series. It was held this past Saturday once again at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater in front of a sold out crowd that came to party with friends and listen to great music. This concert series happens once a month each month during the summer, and this month’s concert featured the legendary Keith Sweat, Total, Bobby V, and the Master of Ceremonies himself, the one and only Dana Dane.

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One of the great things about Wolf Creek is its prime location and it is easily accessible from anywhere in the greater Atlanta metro area. You can also bring in food and drink from the outside, as well as vendors are made available inside the amphitheater as well. Thanks to the hurricane on North Carolina’s coast and the cold front that swept in combined to make for perfect weather conditions with bright sunshine that wasn’t extremely hot, and most importantly no rain! Comedian Lav Luv was our host for the evening, and he kicked off the show immediately bringing the crowd to its feet with great humor and laughter.  Up and coming singer Sheryl Boyd opened the show and she set the stage for a great night of music. Dana Dane was the next performer of the evening, and as always he never disappoints. If you have never seen Dana Dane perform then this is another thing to add to your bucket list. He is the one and only Master of Ceremonies for a reason. He immediately took control of the crowd like a modern day pied piper going through his catalog of classic joints like Dana Dane with Fame, Nightmares, and Cinderfella. To quote one of his bars from Cinderfella, ‘by the time I left the stage, the people were hype!’, and hype we all were.

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R&B sensation Bobby V was up next, and he executed a flawless performance. One of the things that made his performance so great was the band that backed him. A lot of times fans can be disappointed when they go to concerts because they expect the artist to sound like the record when they perform live. But what has to be taken into consideration is in the age of technology things can be done in the studio to enhance artist vocals, and when they perform live the real vocals come out disappointing fans. But this wasn’t the case with Bobby V. All of the tracks he performed sounded like the actual original recordings with his sultry seductive vocals. Overall Bobby V did his thing, and I especially loved his performance of Anonymous when he broke it down and sat behind the keyboard and played a slowed down melodious version.

The ladies of Total made their way to the stage, and it was so good to see them back doing what they do best. The energy that emerged from Pam and Kima was electrifying, and you could tell by the look in their eyes that they were happy to be back in their element of performing. They kicked off their set with No One Else, and they kept it coming with hit after hit. Beautiful women singing hit records, what else could you ask for? As fans we often times think our favorite performers are connecting with us personally through their music, and this was ‘totally’ the case with Total, especially when they performed Kissin’ You. It takes you to a place that resonates with being with your one true love, and that’s all you’re thinking of. That’s what great performers do for their fans, rock out like Kima and Pam.

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Closing out the evening was none other than legendary crooner Keith Sweat, and he put on for Wolf Creek fans in a major way. The stage was set up Sweat Hotel style with lounge seating and a full bar VIP style. Ladies were picked to join Keith in his lounge, backed by Keith’s band and background singers. Keith Sweat put on one hell of a performance! This was not the first time I’ve ever seen Keith perform, but this one was by far the best I’ve witnessed. It can be hard sometimes to cover an event as media and not sing and dance along, especially when you are also a fan of the artists that are performing. By the time Keith broke into (There You Go) Tellin’ Me No Again, ladies in the crown began tossing their ‘unmentionables’ onstage at Keith. This brother really knows how to captivate his audience, especially the ladies. After the show was over, we were treated to spectacular fireworks display. What a way to culminate a marvelous 4th of July weekend!

Major kudos to promoters Jeremy Hill & Sheddrick Clark of The Affordable Old School Concert Series for putting together such an amazing event and making it affordable for all to enjoy. Mic Check Media is for sure looking forward to the next show in August!

Affordable Old School Concert Series on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/affordableconcerts

Photos: Carolyn Grady

Video Footage: Carolyn Grady & Kedric Barrett

Re-Cap Article & Video: Kedric Barrett


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