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Still Sounds | A3C Hip Hop Photography Exhibition

WonderRoot was the place to be on this past Saturday as the A3C Hip-Hop festival presented the STILL SOUNDS exhibition celebrating 40 years of hip-hop. The exhibition contained still photos of the various elements of hip-hop that featured MC’s and B-boys. Carolyn Grady and Evelyn Quiñones were the mastermind photographers behind the lenses who partnered with A3C and WonderRoot to share their amazing pieces with the public.

This was a great idea by A3C to agree to host such an exhibit. As media sometimes we don’t get to share images which tell the story from our perspective Such images allow the public to share in the experience in a way. Carolyn and Evelyn spoke to an eager audience who asked questions about the pieces that were on display. Both photographers shared stories about how the photos were captured setting the scene and placing the attendees in a frame of mind as if they were actually there when the photos were taken

Evelyn WR web

Carolyn spoke about a photo of Mos Def/Yasiin Bey that was taken from an angle that only has a partial facial shot. She spoke about how she started not to go with the photo but after much deliberation she decided to go with it. Personally I am glad she did because the photo is an amazing piece, and it shows her dedication and fortitude to her craft. Public Enemy, Shock G from Digital Underground, MC Lyte, and Big Daddy Kane were some of the pieces that were exhibited.

Evelyn had marvelous photos on display as well. Evelyn captured a still shot of a B-boy sliding across the floor on his head in full motion that was spectacular. Big K.R.I.T., Young Jeezy, and B-boys were some of her other images. Overall the exhibition was an amazing display of raw talent. I am looking forward to checking out more of their work in future exhibitions!

Still Sounds CG EQ WonderRoot Exhibition 2013 web 2

Kudos go out to the organizers at A3C for partnering with WonderRoot and two of Atlanta’s finest photographers to bring STILL SOUNDS to ‘life’. It gave fans a chance to gain insight and perspective from the masterminds behind the lenses, Carolyn Grady and Evelyn Quiñones. I am looking forward to checking out more of their work at future exhibitions!

Recap: Kedric Barrett

Photography: Carolyn Grady (Photo of Carolyn w/Mos Def image taken by

@A3C – Twitter



www.Evalens.com | Evelyn Quinones

www.RhythmicImages.com | Carolyn Grady

Still Sounds Guests WonderRoot Carolyn Grady Evelyn Quinones

Still Sounds A3C WonderRoot Evelyn Quinones Yelawolf

Photographer Evelyn Quinones

Still Sounds A3C WonderRoot Carolyn Grady Mos Def Yasiin Bey

Photographer Carolyn Grady

What People Are Saying…..

“You are more than welcome. I am inspired to be amongst greatness!” -PJ Taylor

“Thanks again for the invite. I like to see great passionate photography. Keep up the great work…” -S. Ruff

“We thoroughly enjoyed yours and Evelyn’s work. Congrats. I have to say the Yasiin Bey and Snoop were my favs.”  -S. Semone

“I saw your work at WonderRoot and I wanted to reach out. I think your work is amazing.”  -C. Allen

“I enjoyed the show. Great images.”  -N’Dieye

“Hip Hop music and the photography thereof is alive and well!! Shout out and Bravo!! to Sistagraphy members Carolyn Grady and Evelyn Quinones for their inspiring rendition of photography+music~”  -s. turner

“Great exhibit – hope you find another location so that more people can see your work!”  -S. Ross

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Still Sounds Flyer


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