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Souls Of Mischief – 93 Still Infinity Tour [Recap]

Souls of Mischief 2_2wmk - Carolyn Grady

1993 was a special year for hip-hop as it marked the introduction of Souls of Mischief. Fast forward twenty years and I found myself transplanted in Atlanta’s Terminal West for the ’93 Still Infinity Souls of Mischief tour. As we entered the building the energy for hip-hop was already to maximum capacity as fans were eagerly awaiting A-Plus, Opio, Phesto, and Tajai to hit the stage. The show was hosted by none other by the hypest man in hip-hop, Fort Knox and DJ Nervex was on the wheels of steel keeping the crowd hype. You can’t have a hip-hop show without the B-Boys! Fans were treated to an impromptu set that displayed this element of hip-hop superbly.

Souls of Mischief 1_2wmk - Carolyn Grady

Dillon 1_2 - Carolyn Grady


Dillon opened the show with an amazing set, and I was really impressed with his performance. The lyrics and production were on point. Amerigo Gazaway was next on deck, and like Dillon he was equally impressive. I loved the way he fused the Pharcyde’s lyrics over A Tribe Called Quest’s beats. His tribute to Trayvon Martin was inspiring. These are two artists with serious talent with whom I expect to see big things from very soon. If you were lucky and you really know your hip-hop, you might have caught a glimpse of legendary producer Diamond D of the D.I.T.C. crew in the crowd as well.

Amerigo Gazaway web wmk - Carolyn Grady

Amerigo Gazaway

After much anticipation Souls of Mischief hit the stage. Their set was centered on the ’93 til album, and they delivered in a major way. My favorite moment of the set was when Souls took a moment to humbly thank the fans for their support over the years. A-Plus pointed out that their longevity in hip-hop was attributed to how they embraced the culture and how they are not only artists but fans of hip-hop and that is what keeps the group grounded. Afterwards they went into ’93 til Infinity taking us back to where it all began. I always like to stand in the back of shows just to take in the aura of the fans….when certain records come on that remind them of why they fell in love with hip-hop in the first place. That to me is the best feeling in the world to see the effects this culture has on people. But honestly I didn’t expect to see anything else because this how we chill from ’93 til………

Ft Knox Nervex 1_2wmk - Carolyn Grady

DJ Nervex & Fort Knox

Shout out to the HBO Crew!!
Show Recap: Kedric Barrett | Mic Check Media

Photography: Carolyn Grady | Mic Check Media | Rhythmic Images Photography

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