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‘We have a whole lot of superstars on this stage here tonight! But I want y’all to know one thing—this is-ehwa ehwa—My House! And when I say who’s house, y’all know what time it is…..Who’s house? Run’s House!!!’ Last night Atlanta Braves stadium, Turner Field became the house that Run built after a sold out Atlanta Braves game. Legends of hip-hop Run DMC took the stage for the post game concert and they set Turner Field on fire. Run DMC’s last performed in the ATL was in 2001, Saturday night they proved once again why they are the Kings of Hip-Hop!

More Photos: http://www.rhythmicimages.com/run-dmc

RUN DMC 2_by Carolyn Grady

It was so surreal to see Run DMC go through their catalog of hits and deliver a fully fledged concert like it was Fresh Fest circa 1989. In commanding fashion Run DMC went into Here We Go as they traded verses not missing a beat showing that trademark dynamic chemistry that we all know and love. From there it wasΒ King of Rock, It’s Like That, Tricky, Run’s House and they just kept coming with hit after hit, after hit.

In between tracks Run would engage the crowd and drop gems on their long and storied history that only the true hip-hop heads could relate to. Perhaps the most touching moment of the night came when Run started talking about Jam Master Jay and he brought up Jay’s sons TJ and Jason Mizell, who like their father are deejays to get on the wheels of steel to rock the crowd. Their father would have definitely been proud as they cemented the legacy of Jam Master Jay in a moving tribute the way only Jay could have done it.

RUN DMC_5_by Carolyn Grady

Covering events as media is mostly all work and no play, but last night I had to take a breather and just be a fan in awe of Run DMC’s historic performance. My favorite moment of the night came when Run took off one of his classic shell toes, handed it to DMC engaging the crowd asking what they were. Immediately I knew they were going into My Adidas. People in the crowd wearing shell toes took one off held it to the sky..waving side to side during the track paying homage to the Kings.
Run later offered his trademark hat to a lucky fan. DMC did the honors and chose an enthusiastic fan who was sporting a huge gold rope chain. Run’s hat…..an instant collector’s item for sure!

Run DMC closed the show performing Walk This Way leaving the crowd begging for an encore. I get to scratch another one off of my legends of hip-hop bucket list after one hell of a performance by Run DMC. Who’s House?? Last night and always… best believe it was Run’s House!!!

Re-cap: Kedric ‘EazyMoney’ Barrett
Photos: Carolyn Grady | Rhythmic Images Photography

RUN DMC_7_by Carolyn Grady


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