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Kool G Rap

Kool G. Rap2_by Carolyn Grady

Contrary to popular belief hip-hop is not dead! It was alive and well last night at the World Famous Mic Club in downtown Atlanta. Dres Tha Beatnik and his 4 Kings Entertainment crew put together a stellar lineup of dope MC’s that featured the legendary hip-hop duo Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo as the headliners.

More photos: http://www.rhythmicimages.com/kool-g-rap

Komplex was first on deck to bless the mic and he laid the groundwork for the show. I personally thought Komplex performed a great set, and he is a dope lyricist and I’m excited to see what the future holds for this MC.

Literally rolling on stage and next up to bat was the homie 4-IZE. This guy right here took the show to another level. He turned it up a notch and delivered the most entertaining set I have seen in a long time. Snr Kaos and Grip Plyaz joined 4-IZE on stage for two of the dopest joints of the set. Machines and Banned from MJQ were off the meter. 4-IZE lyrical prowess is phenomenal and he combines it with uncanny wit and humor to make him a very unique MC. Being unique and original is something hip-hop has long missed for years. It wouldn’t have been the Mic Club if we weren’t treated to a freestyle battle while the stage was being set up for the next MC. There was nothing but hip-hop heads in the building so the two freestyle lyricists had to bring their ‘A’ game to try and win over the tough crowd.

Universal Zulu Nation’s own Methuzulah Gem took the stage shortly after the battle for an epic performance that truly represented the elements of hip-hop. Great Scott was in the building and he killed the mic alongside Methuzulah! Methuzulah also brought up Young Dirty Bastard, son of legendary Wu Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard. He sent the crowd into a frenzy going into an impromptu set of Ol’ Dirty’s Brooklyn Zoo. Methuzulah definitely did not disappoint.

DJ Polo_by Carolyn Grady

Finally it was time for the legends to hit the stage. Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo delivered in a major way going through their catalog of hits with popular joints such as Road to the Riches, Streets of New York, and Ill Street Blues. All the heads in the building were rapping verse for verse with G. Rap and it had been 17 years since they had last performed in the ATL.

Juice Crew legend MC Shan was also in the building and he hit the stage delivering The Bridge to the masses. Personally I am hoping that this is the beginning stages of a Juice Crew reunion that we are all anticipating and anxiously awaiting. All in all it was a great night for hip-hop and those in attendance at the World Famous Mic Club. If you missed this show then my advice to you would be to follow The 3rd Street Armory on Facebook to see when the next True Masters Concert Series is and remember to ‘follow the hat!’

Written by Kedric ‘EazyMoney’ Barrett @eazymoney74

Photo by Carolyn Grady of Rhythmic Images Photography | http://www.RhythmicImages.com Ā @RhythmicImages


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